House, Disco, & Hip-Hop


Music is amazing because nowadays you can listen to it at any time and by choosing what music you play you decide how you feel! Making other people feel good with your music selection is DJing. DJing involves thinking about what song fits the vibe. When the right song is played at the right time, feelings are amplified and may resonate with everybody. When this happens it makes me happy. Another thing that makes me happy is when I have played a genre so much that I do not have to think about what to play next. These genres are: house, disco, hip-hop, rhythm & bass, and drum & bass. I like this because I can simply go with the flow while having a perfect track selection. When I am in this flow-state I like using creative tricks, ranging from simple loops to scratching, to keep my audience alive!

House & Tech-House

Dancing is my favorite hobby so it is no surprise that I try to get everyone moving on the dancefloor during my sets. I try to blend songs in such a way that it feels natural to go from one song to the next.

Tech-House & DnB

I believe music is the closest we'll ever get to magic. Music to me is about emotion, rythm and immersion. I want to move you and simultaneously I want to make you move. Hence I believe music sets should provide a delicate balance between complexity, energy and raw emotion. This is what I try to achieve in my role as a DJ. In terms of genre, this manifests itself in my sets as a good dose of feisty tech house, some mesmerizing deep house, a few houseum-esque bangers and a tad of funk to top it all of. Bon appetite!

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Friday 26 NOVEMBER Oddthentic is organising a special event in collaboration with The Bunker in Wageningen. This partys theme will be 'Space Race' which is a throwback to the 1960s when the communist soviets and the free americans were competing to be the first to plant their nations flag on the moon. For this event you can buy rocket icecream at the bar so you too can reach for the sky and get a new high. To get you into the mood watch the creative short video below, listen to our Space Race spotify playlist and watch our Oddthentic promotional video! The crazy music in the video below is nothing like the type of music that will be played on 26 Nov.

spotlightSTAAAAAR spotlightSTAAAAAR

Oddthentic is a group that was created by friends that are inspired by music, to provide a platform for DJ’s and producers to share their passion for music and organizing music events. The founders of this group consists of people who met each other throughout their life and found a common interest in music. Since we were little kids we have been into music and dancing. Throughout the years some of us have developed the skill to play instruments like the guitar, piano and drums. But in 2017 one of us dove into the world of DJ’ing. Soon thereafter, all of us joined on his journey to explore the magic of DJ’ing. This eventually led us to organizing house parties and playing at small events. After 3 years we decided to step up the pace, so we started this group in order to expand our network, learn about the music industry, share our music with the world, and to present ourselves to the music industry. Within this group we tend to develop our skills as DJ’s, producers and event planners in order to become an embedded symbol in the music industry. Our strength lies in our motivation to learn and the drive to create unique music (sets) and events.

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